My work explores the notion of human influence and interaction through cause and effect. It is my goal to create a dialog with each piece, whether it be an interpersonally or environmentally, about the impact the human hand has on its surroundings. I am very interested in exploring the nature of our actions in my sculpture and the consequences of said actions in relation to the space we inhabit. Our impact is far reaching and often overlooked when it comes to most circumstances. I aim to explore the idea that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, I strive to make these impacts visually evident in my work by utilizing the familiar. My use of antiquated and repurposed objects, which inherently have the indexical mark of the human hand somewhere in its history, further create a familiarization that can be found within my sculptures, and are often the access point for a deeper contemplation into my work. It is my goal to nurture the discussion and discovery that our actions and reactions have on ourselves and our surroundings. I strive for my work to be the catalyst in these contemplations and discussions and hope that it may open our minds to the various possibilities that our actions have in the grand scheme of things.

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